What to write in a baby shower card?

What to write in a baby shower card?

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Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the most important occasions of a new parent’s life - so being invited to share in the baby shower celebrations means that you’re important to the new family. Alongside your carefully chosen baby shower gift, a baby shower card provides the perfect opportunity to express your love and support for the parents-to-be. Crafting the ideal message for your card, however, can be a challenge if you’re not sure what to say.

At Bumbles & Boo, our team are parents themselves, meaning we’ve received (and written) countless baby shower cards over the years - and we’ve seen everything from the excellent to the good, and even the not so good! This makes us ideally placed to guide you through how to write the perfect baby shower card for your loved ones. Fear not, as we guide you through all the most important aspects to consider ensuring that your baby shower card stands out from the crowd and becomes a cherished keepsake for the new family.

What to consider before writing your baby shower card

Before you start writing your baby shower card, it is important to first consider a few key factors. Begin by deciding whom to address the card to. While many baby showers traditionally focus on the mum-to-be, it’s important to be mindful of everyone in the family. If both parents are involved and still together, acknowledging them jointly is a thoughtful touch. On the other hand, if your bond is primarily with the mum, then you may want to consider taking the time to highlight important parts of your relationship with her. This can make the message feel even more personal.

It is also important to consider the baby’s gender, if known. Consider tailoring your message in the baby shower card to the expected boy or girl adds a special touch and shows you’re taking an active interest in their pregnancy journey. Ideally, the tone of your message should also reflect the depth of your relationship with the parents. If they’re an acquaintance, you may want to be less personal. However, for close friends and family, injecting a bit of humour or sharing a personal anecdote may be fitting. If you're a parent yourself, you may also want to draw on your experiences to offer valuable insights.

Finally, you will also want to choose an appropriate sign-off based on the strength of your relationship with the soon-to-be-parents. Options range from classic choices like “Yours” or "Best wishes" to more sentimental sign offs such as "With love" or "Much love and kisses." Let’s explore the specific message ideas for different situations.

Examples of simple baby shower card messages

Your main message usually sits in the centre of your baby shower card. However, not everyone is a wordsmith, and that's perfectly okay. Sometimes, a concise yet heartfelt message can be just as impactful. If your relationship with the family isn't all that close yet, you may also want to keep your message simple. Consider these simple wishes:

  • “Sending all of our love/best wishes for you and your family!”
  • "I’m so happy for you and your family!."
  • "I am excited to meet your baby."
  • "Wishing you and your new baby all the best."
  • "Your family is about to get bigger and cuter!"
  • "Wishing you and your family many moments of joy with your new little baby."

These straightforward baby card messages show excitement and are sure to be received warmly by the parents-to-be.

Baby shower card messages about your gift

Chances are, if you’re invited to the baby shower, you’re also bringing a gift with you.  Giving a nod to your chosen baby shower gift in your card is a great idea, especially if the gift is sentimental in nature. It can be a thoughtful gesture that communicates to the family how special you are to them. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • "Wrapping your gift almost made me keel over with cuteness overload. So happy for you!"
  • "I’m overjoyed to shower you with this special gift I know you’ll love."
  • "I spotted this special gift and couldn't resist it! Enjoy!"
  • "When I was raising my little ones, I couldn’t survive without these. I hope you find them valuable too!"
  • "Thank you so much for inviting us to your baby shower. We are excited for you and hope our gift helps you get started with these baby essentials!"

Linking your wishes to your present adds a personalised touch, showing the parents that you put thought into both your words and your gift.

How to write a funny baby shower card?

Parenting is an adventure filled with joy - but also challenges. For parents-to-be with a shared sense of humour, you may want to consider injecting a touch of levity into your baby shower card message. This is ideal if your relationship is already based on humour. Some examples could include: 

  • "Becoming a parent is a gift and you’re going to be amazing at it! Just think, in just a few months, you’ll become a stain removal expert!"
  • "Say hello to your new little bundle of joy, and goodbye to sleeping in ever again!"
  • "I know you’ll be perfect parents. Oh, and thank you in advance for naming the baby after me!"
  • "Congratulations! Oh, and don’t worry. You’ll get the house back in 18 years or so!"

Providing a light-hearted moment can be a welcome break for soon-to-be parents who are gearing up for the adventure ahead. 

What to write in a baby shower card for a boy?

If you know the parents are expecting a baby boy, you may want to personalise your wishes to celebrate this exciting news. Examples could include:

  • "Oh boy! We can’t wait to meet your little lad."
  • "We hope your little boy is just as handsome as his dad."
  • "Snips, snails, and puppy dogs' tails — get ready for boyhood!"
  • "Your little boy is lucky to have such amazing parents who love him. Congratulations!"
  • "Here’s to lots of fun and joy with your little boy!"

By acknowledging the expected gender, you add a personalised touch to your message, making it even more meaningful.

What to write in a baby shower card for a girl?

If the parents-to-be are anticipating a baby girl, consider incorporating these sweet wishes into your card that nods to the expected gender. Examples include:

  • "Here’s to a beautiful baby girl to love and spoil. Congratulations!"
  • "Sugar and spice. May your new baby girl bring you everything nice!"
  • "Girls grow up so fast. One minute you’re dressing her in princess outfits, the next minute she’s trying on wedding dresses. Enjoy every minute!"
  • "We hope your little girl will be beautiful inside and out, just like her mother."

Celebrating the anticipation of a baby girl with these wishes adds a touch of sweetness to your card.

What to write in a baby shower card for twins?

Discovering that twins (or even more) are on the way brings double the excitement for a new parent, and your card can reflect too. Some examples could include:

  • "Double the baby, double the excitement, and double the trouble!"
  • "Sometimes the best things come in twos/threes."
  • "One baby is special, but two babies are super special."
  • "Now you have two reasons to smile!"
  • "Wishing you double the congratulations."
  • "Let me know if you need help counting all those fingers and toes!"

Acknowledging the unique situation of expecting twins makes your card stand out and adds an extra layer of excitement to your well wishes.

What to write in a baby shower card for a close friend?

If you share a deep bond with the parents-to-be, your message can reflect the closeness of your relationship. Ultimately, what you should write in the card will depend on your unique relationship with the parent(s) and you may want to consider any unique anecdotes, stories, or shared jokes that you already have with them.

Here are some more generic examples to consider:

  • "Congratulations on your baby’s pending arrival! I know you’ll be a terrific mum."
  • "From one mother to another, the moment you set eyes on your little one, you’ll be smitten forever."
  • "The unconditional love you’ll feel for your new baby will be something you’ve never felt before."
  • "After reading books and articles on motherhood, you’ll think you’ve prepared for everything, but the best lessons come with time — and I’ll be there for you whenever you need me."

What to write in a baby shower card for grandparents or godparents?

If you're one of the soon-to-be grandparents or godparents, your baby shower card can carry a special sentiment, especially if the mum-to-be is your daughter. Examples could include:

  • "We are overjoyed to welcome our baby’s very own baby into the world."
  • "Don’t you worry — we’ve baby proofed the house and we’ve been brushing up on our nursery rhymes for when we babysit. Grandparenthood/’Godparenthood’, here we come!"
  • "Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. But that’s what grandparents/godparents are for!"
  • "Grandbabies/our adorable new godchild is always welcome in our home!"
  • "Remember, you can’t return them when they misbehave, but you can always drop them off with us!"

Grandparents and godparents can bring a unique perspective to the baby shower, and your message can reflect the excitement and wisdom that comes with that role.

Tips for writing the ideal baby shower card

As you compose the perfect message for a baby shower card, remember that it doesn't have to be an arduous task. Think about the relationship you have with the parents-to-be and let that guide your words. If you have details about the baby's gender, incorporate them into your message to personalise it and remind them of your love.

Don’t shy away from crafting a truly personalised message, whether it includes a funny story, a personal anecdote, something positive about the mum-to-be, or a unique insight from your own experience as a parent. This moment is both exciting and intimidating for new parents, so a little humour or a kind message of encouragement can mean the world to them.

If you've chosen a special gift, feel free to tailor your message to include a reference to that gift or the reasons you chose it. Your thoughtful words will make the baby shower experience even more memorable for the parents-to-be. So, grab that pen, let your creativity flow, and send your warmest wishes to the growing family!

Are you searching for the ideal baby shower gift to go along with your card? Discover our collection of unique and sentimental baby shower gifts for new parents.

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