New Dad Gifts

Father's Day gift hamper for a new dad.

If you're looking for the perfect gifts for a new dad or simply want to show your appreciation for the amazing daddy he is, you've come to the right place.

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Celebrating New Beginnings With Thoughtful New Dad Gifts

Welcoming a new dad into the incredible journey of fatherhood is a special occasion, filled with joy, excitement, and perhaps a touch of anxiety. Finding a unique gift that honours this new chapter can make the journey even more special. Whether you're searching for a gift for your partner, a friend, or a family member, we've got a wide selection of thoughtful new dad gifts and dad to be presents at Bumbles & Boo, specifically tailored to celebrate these significant milestones.

Practical and Heartfelt Presents

New dads often find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory. Our practical and heartfelt gifts can offer support during this exciting yet challenging transition. These presents are equally suitable for new fathers at Christmas or on their birthday and we have both small tokens and larger gift baskets available designed to suit a first time dad or daddy to be.

New Dad Hamper

A new dad hamper is an ideal choice to ease the transition into fatherhood. Packed with essentials like tea and chocolates and keepsake items like photo frames and fridge magnets, alongside baby clothes and hand cream for after he's changed the little ones nappy, a hamper is a thoughtful gesture to make this new chapter more manageable.

Custom New Dad Mug

A custom new dad mug is a daily reminder of this special journey. These mugs create a sentimental feeling and can be the perfect gift for a new papa.

Pregnancy Reveal Gift

For the joyful moment of revealing the pregnancy, we offer delightful pregnancy reveal gifts that add an extra layer of excitement to the news. 

Sentimental Memories

New dads cherish the moments and memories that come with their new role. At Bumbles & Boo, we have a wide range of sentimental gifts that help them treasure those special times.

Congratulations Hamper Basket

Celebrate being a new dad with our thoughtfully created congratulation hampers. These baskets are filled with delightful gifts to spread happiness and warm wishes. This can be the perfect way to show your congratulations and well-wishes to the new dad.

Photo Frames

Our selection of picture frames are the perfect means to preserve special moments. Choose from a variety of designs to display baby's first photos, ultrasound images, or significant milestones.

These are just a few examples of the thoughtful gifts for new dads we offer. Explore our full collection to discover the perfect gift for celebrating the new dad in your life and if you want to get something for mum as well as dad then please take a look at our gifts for mums.

New Dad Gifts FAQs

Top-notch gifts for dads-to-be could range from practical items to sentimental treasures. Practical gifts could include mugs, pillow spray, baby wash balm, or other essentials. Sentimental gifts could entail a custom 'daddy and me' picture frame, a me and daddy hamper, or a my daddy wish bracelet. Remember, it's all about catering to his preferences and making him feel special during this exciting time.

A new dad would appreciate gifts that help in his new parenting journey. Essential items such as baby wash balm, baby rattles, or baby clothing sets are great practical options. You could also consider more sentimental items such as a new dad bracelet or mug, or even a personalised keepsake like a custom photo frame.

A great gift for a first-time dad can vary based on his personal interests, but practical items can be quite beneficial. Soft toys, newborn clothing, or baby rattles can be excellent choices for first-time fathers. Unique gift ideas could include customisable new dad hampers like our ‘new daddy’ hamper or our ‘sweet treats & pamper’ hamper.

To make a new dad feel appreciated, consider more thoughtful gifts. Gifts such as self-care items, eye masks, or chocolates can send a powerful message of appreciation and recognition.

New dad gifts offer multiple benefits. They're a wonderful way of acknowledging and celebrating men stepping into the role of fatherhood. Also, by gifting items new fathers may need, you can provide a practical solution which helps them navigate their new responsibilities. These first time dad gifts can also bring much-needed humour or relaxation to what can be a stressful time.