Hooded Baby Towels

Hooded Baby Towels

Explore our range of soft hooded baby towels for boys and girls. They're great for drying off your newborn after their bath. Take extra care when wrapping your little one up with our organic hooded towels.

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Hooded Baby Towels from Bumbles & Boo

After bath time, envelop your baby in the gentle embrace of our hooded baby towels. Made from the softest fabrics and designed with care, these towels not only keep your baby warm but also provide aa adorable touch with hoods featuring cute animal designs. Perfect for snuggly cuddles, our hooded towels are both functional and fun, making them a must-have for your baby's bath routine.

Choose from various colours and styles to match your baby's unique personality. Whether you're looking for the perfect present for a baby shower or want to treat your own little one, our hooded baby towels are certain to be loved for years to come.

Soft Organic Towels, Perfect for Newborns

Wrap your little one in sheer comfort with our soft organic towels, crafted with the delicate touch your baby's skin deserves. Made from organic materials, these towels provide the ultimate gentleness and care for your newborn's sensitive skin. Each towel in our range is designed to offer warmth and cosiness after bath time, ensuring your baby feels secure and soothed.

Perfect as an organic baby gift, our collection includes a variety of colours and styles, suitable for all children. Choose from our selection of comfortable, snuggle-ready towels that protect and pamper baby's skin.

Frequently Asked Hooded Baby Towels Questions

When selecting the best type of towel for your baby, softness and gentleness is key. Our baby bath towels are made from organic cotton which is kind to your baby's skin, ensuring comfort and warmth after a bath. Hooded towels are recommended because they provide extra cosiness and keep a baby's head warm.

Yes, you can use normal towels for your baby, but baby towels are often have a hood for drying hair and are softer and more gentle on your baby's skin. Our baby towels are designed to be comforting and are perfectly sized to wrap cosily around your little one.

For babies in their first 12 months, you'll want to use soft, absorbent towels that are gentle on their delicate skin. Our collection includes baby towels made from organic cotton, perfect for keeping your little one cosy and warm after bath time.

Yes, you can reuse towels on your baby. Make sure to dry the towel thoroughly after each use to keep it fresh and to help prevent any skin irritation for your baby. It's also a good practice to wash the towel regularly, just like you would with other clothing items.

A good starting point is having three to four baby towels. This allows for a rotation. One in use, one in the wash and one ready to go. This ensures there's always a clean towel available for your little one.