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Investing utmost attention to product quality and value, Bumbles and Boo is proud to put together this thoughtful and beautiful range of presents for babies & parents. 

Bumbles and Boo was founded in 2018 by two mums, Emma and Emma. Swiftly becoming friends through their sons love of football, and sharing the ups and downs of parenthood and joy's of working full time, they soon realised they both wanted to do something a little different from their corporate day jobs.

With six children between their two families, and pregnant friends and new babies being announced regularly, they soon realised how difficult is was to find quality baby and parent presents which contained the trustworthy and well known brands that they had come to love through their own parenting journeys. Presents that were beautiful and also practical were near impossible to find.

They promptly identified a gap in the market that they could fill and drawing on their experiences, Emma's in Sales and other Emma's in Marketing (together with their shared passion for all things beautiful) they quickly identified their opportunity. The business was soon named after their young daughters, taking their family nicknames (Bumbles) and (Boo) to create the thoughtful brand - consequently Bumbles and Boo Ltd was born.

Initially, the start of their cottage industry was split across both houses; garages, kids bedrooms and conservatories (much to the chagrin of their husbands!). It was during that time, they had the flexibility to build up stock, develop and extend their ranges and most importantly drive brand awareness.

Along with many 5am starts (come wind and rain) travelling to local markets and baby shows, ridiculously late nights fulfilling orders and designing product ranges, not to mention the endless trips to the post office to drop of parcels; Bumbles and Boo has grown into the award winning thriving business it is today. Stock levels grew rapidly, outgrowing their homes and demand soared with Bumbles and Boo now operating out of a design workshop overlooking fields on the outskirts of Reading and Emma's firefighter husband managing a 2000 square foot warehouse (in his time off).

Through sheer determination and hard work, Emma and Emma tried many different platforms, some elements worked, others didn’t – until they got to where they are today. Still learning every day to stay ahead of their competitors and to keep evolving to meet the demands of an ever changing market.

‘We are proud of where we are today. We have worked tirelessly with love and passion to become a well known brand. We adore what we do and have a genuine love for our products. We are always bursting with ideas and are ever continuing to develop our ranges.”

Thank you for joining us on our journey 

Emma & Emma

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