Our Story

Bumbles and Boo was founded in 2018 by two mums, Emma and Emma. Swiftly becoming friends through their sons love of football and sharing the ups and downs of parenthood and joy's of working full time, they soon realised they both wanted to do something a little different from their corporate day jobs.

With six children between their two families, and pregnant friends and new babies being announced regularly, they soon realised how difficult is was to find quality baby and new parent gifts which contained the trustworthy and well known brands that they had come to love through their own parenting journeys. Presents that looked beautiful to receive but were also filled full of practical items for new parents were near impossible to find.

The business was soon named after their young daughters, taking their family nicknames (Bumbles) and (Boo) to create the now award winning and thoughtful baby brand - Bumbles and Boo.