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Baby Shower Ideas & Guide for 2023/24

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Baby showers are magical occasions filled with love, laughter, celebrations, and of course, gifts! So, whether you’re a family member, friend, or colleague who has been invited to celebrate the pregnancy, you’re probably already on the hunt for baby shower gift ideas that will ‘wow’ the expectant parents.

However, finding the best baby shower gifts can sometimes seem a little daunting - especially if this is your first baby shower or you’re relatively new in the lives of your parents-to-be. Fear not! To help, the Bumbles and Boo team have created this baby shower gift guide.

Packed-full of unique baby shower gift ideas, we are confident that you’ll find a baby shower gift or hamper that will bring joy to the parents-to-be and show them just how much you appreciate their family and upcoming arrival. When you read our baby shower gift ideas, bear in mind that we are baby shower gift-giving specialists and parents ourselves. We have all given and received ample baby shower gifts in the past - so our baby shower present ideas come from a place of experience and love!

Our Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When thinking about baby shower gift-giving ideas, it’s often the most beautiful, thoughtful, and practical gifts that put a big smile on the faces of pregnant mothers. However, the best baby shower gifts aren’t just about practicality. The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate new life, the expectant parents, and the family’s journey - so don’t forget that your baby shower present can offer a touch of luxury and sentimentality too! In this baby shower gift guide, we'll walk you through our top baby shower gift ideas for 2023/24 - from practical essentials like baby clothing and toys, through to luxury baby shower gift hampers, treats, and keepsakes.

Baby shower gift hamper ideas

It’s hard to go wrong with a baby shower gift hamper. In addition to being beautiful, a great baby shower gift hamper will offer a good balance of practical baby shower gifts that new parents will need (such as baby toys, blankets, teddies, and treats) with a touch of luxury and sentimentality. Our baby shower gift hampers also include several gift items, so you can be confident that the new mum in question will feel special and find something that they genuinely love. Perfectly wrapped and presented, a carefully selected baby shower gift hamper also shows the expecting parents that a lot of care and thought has gone into finding the perfect present - don't forget to share that sentiment when you write the card.

'You'll Be An Amazing Mummy' Baby Shower Gift Hamper

Baby Shower Hamper - You'll Be An Amazing Mummy
Celebrate the expecting mother and her new baby with this stunning baby shower gift hamper, featuring a Steiff Jimmy Bear, adorable baby knit booties, baby mittens, a white baby dressing gown with bear ears, a silk-effect relaxation eye mask, Neal's Yard Remedies essential oils, and a relaxation candle.

oegnaic baby shower gift basket

    Spoil mum & baby with this luxurious and organic baby shower gift hamper. Filled with organic products, including a handmade organic rainbow rattle, Neal's Yard essential oils and remedies, and a heavy knit stripe blanket, this hamper promotes relaxation and indulgence for the parents-to-be.

    Personalised Baby Gifts

    personalised baby shower gift with blue elephant comforter

    If you’re looking to add a personal touch, then consider one of our personalised baby gifts. We can add the baby's name, date of birth or initials to a range of items such as comforters, blankets, teddies and dressing gowns and we can arrange your item as part of a larger hamper. This kind of unique gift is one that parents really appreciate.


    Baby Shower Gift Hampers

    baby shower hamper with hedgehog soft toy.

    Treat your expectant parents with this hamper filled with goodies like organic 'Sleepy Tea' for relaxation, luxury & organic Neal's Yard 'Bee Lovely' body lotion, a sensory taggie hedgehog soft toy, knitted white baby booties, baby mittens, and a large safari animals cotton muslin wrap.



    Baby shower clothing and jewellery gift ideas

    When it comes to baby shower gift ideas, baby clothing and jewellery for the parents can be a great option too. This gift idea is both thoughtful and practical, as parents will need plenty of clothes for the baby when they arrive. However, it’s usually best to gift baby clothing that’s a bit special and offers a touch of luxury and the ‘aww’ factor. We’ve added a few ideas for you below.

    Dressing Gown with Cute Ears (Personalisable) 

    baby dressing gown.

    Great as baby shower gift, this baby dressing gown allows the parents to be to wrap up their little one in this luxury soft fleece material. It's not only adorable but can also be personalised, making it a cherished keepsake for the parents and the baby.

    Cashmere Baby Gifts

    pink cashmere baby blanket, hat and booties.

    This delightful baby shower gift set features a cozy cashmere star intarsia blanket, adorable baby bootees, and a playful pompom hat, all presented in a signature recycled presentation box. Practical and cute, it’s perfect for keeping little ones warm and stylish.

    Baby Shower Bracelet

    baby shower bracelet

    Celebrate their journey to motherhood with this beautiful, silver bracelet. It's a sentimental gift wrapped around a lovely card with a heartfelt message reading ‘It’s your baby shower hip hip hooray!’ for the new mum.

    Baby Blue Knitted Baby Booties

    blue baby booties

    These adorable blue knit baby booties, suitable for ages 0-6 months, are as cute as they are practical. Made with soft materials, they provide comfort and warmth to tiny feet.

    Cashmere Baby Hat and Mittens Set

    pink cashmere hat & gloves.

    A perfect newborn gift for a baby shower, this 100% cashmere baby hat and matching mittens are hand-finished in England. They keep tiny fingers warm while adding a touch of elegance to the baby's ensemble.

    Baby shower toy and book gift ideas

    Baby toys and baby books can make great baby shower gifts. They’re practical and show a high degree of thought and care has gone into your baby shower gift. Colourful and soft toys can also play a key role in the newborn’s early development, sensory and motor skills. Age-appropriate books can promote the joy of reading from an early age and provide an opportunity for parents to build stronger connections with their children as they grow older. 

    Baby Rattles

    baby rattle in the shape of a puppy.

    This adorable puppy rattle is the perfect mid-sized cuddly toy for a little infant's hands. Made from soft muslin fabric, this toy’s big eyes and ultra-soft feel create the perfect sensory experience. The soft rattle sound will keep your baby amused!

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ Baby Book

    peter rabbit book

    If you’re looking for a baby shower gift with a touch of tradition, then look no further than the timeless charm of Beatrix Potter's beloved classic baby book, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. Originally published in 1902 by Frederick Warne, this enduring tale follows the mischievous rabbit's adventures in Mr. McGregor's garden. This edition features meticulously restored illustrations, including two never-before-seen characters, bringing readers closer to the original magic created by the iconic author.

    Baby shower gift ideas for parents

    Baby shower gifts needn't be just about the baby. You may also want to treat the parents-to-be with a gift that will help them to unwind and celebrate this significant milestone. Baby shower gift ideas like candles, chocolates, bathroom essentials, and non-alcoholic drinks can go a long way to showing  your pregnant friend or relative that you care about them too.

    ‘Relax’ Mandarin & Bergamot Candle

    yellow candle

    Help her relax with this frosted glass candle infused with the soothing aroma of mandarin and bergamot. It comes in an elegant white craft box, making it a perfect addition to any home.

    Non-Alcoholic 'Wine'

    pink non-alcoholic wine with glasses

    Celebrate the expecting or new parents with refreshing non-alcoholic sparkling wine with Rosé or Chardonnay to choose from. Certified organic, vegan, and halal, it's a guilt-free indulgence for the parents to enjoy.

    Luxury Chocolate Boxes

    12 luxury chocolates

    Add a touch of sweetness to your baby shower gift with this delicious assortment of twelve luxury chocolates. The selection includes flavours like Lemon Truffle, Raspberry Praline Cup, Creme Brulee, and a Hot Chocolate cup.

    Organic Essential Oils by Neal's Yard Remedies

    neals yard products in a green box

    Pamper mum and baby with this organic collection from Neal's Yard Remedies. Featuring Mother's Massage Oil, Mother's Bath Oil, Mother's Balm, Baby Bath & Shampoo, Organic Pure Baby Oil, Organic Baby Balm, and an Organic Cotton Flannel, this set provides nourishing care for both.

    Unique baby shower gift ideas

    Who says practical baby shower gifts can’t also be unique? From nursery storage and muslin squares to stylish baby bibs, comforter blankets, and memory books - there are plenty of unique baby shower gift ideas to choose from if you’re looking for something that few others will have thought of.

    Nursery Storage Crate for 'Baby Shower' Gifts

    storage crate with money toys in it.

    This is a white wooden storage crate with charming grey animal and balloon prints, perfect for storing baby shower gifts. It adds a touch of whimsy to the nursery while keeping everything organized.

    Organic Hooded ‘Mr Polar Bear' Baby Towel

    green hooded towel with bear face on the hood.

    Help your expectant parents make bath time enjoyable with this organic hooded towel featuring a friendly polar bear face. Its softness and adorable design make it a perfect addition to the baby's bath routine.

    Baby Bandana Bibs

    4 bandana bibs in shades of pink.

    Help parents keep their baby clean and stylish during mealtimes with a set of soft bandana dribble bibs in pretty berries and cream colours. Made from 100% soft cotton, these bibs are both fashionable and functional.

    Muslin Squares

    3 blue and white muslin squares

    You can never have too many muslin squares with a new baby around, they have so many uses that many parents find it best to have one in every room as well as in the changing bag making them a versatile, practical gift for new mums. These muslin squares are perfect for a variety of uses.


    Hedgehog Baby Comfort Blanket by Mary Meyer

    hedgehog baby comforter.

    Introduce the new baby to the world of Taggies with this Heather Hedgehog Character Comforter Blanket. Its colourful ribbons and adorable hedgehog face make it a sensory delight for the little one.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Shower Gifts

      If you're new to the world of baby showers, then you may have some questions about what to expect and how to navigate the baby shower gift-giving process. Here, our team has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about baby shower gifting etiquette to help guide you through this wonderful tradition.

      What is a baby shower?

      A baby shower is a celebration of an upcoming baby and typically takes place before the baby is born. A baby shower is a time for friends and family to come together, celebrate, share advice, and shower the parents-to-be with gifts to help them prepare for the arrival of their baby. Although the parents-to-be may decide to throw a baby shower, the event itself is often hosted by their friends, family, or sometimes even work colleagues. 

      What gifts are appropriate for baby showers?

      A baby shower is the ideal opportunity to gift new parents with items that they’ll need for the baby once they’re born. Gifts can range from practical baby essentials like baby clothes, soft toys, teddies, and rattles to baby shower gift hampers, and sentimental keepsakes. Some other popular baby shower gift ideas include items like blankets, jewellery, baby books, or custom-made gifts. 

      Who are baby shower gifts for?

      Baby shower gifts are usually presented to the expectant parents. However, the gifts themselves are often given to help the parents with bringing up the new child. Examples of baby shower gifts include things like soft toys, baby books, blankets, rattles, and early learning toys. However, it is also not uncommon for gifts like chocolates, jewellery, and keepsakes boxes for the parents to be gifted at baby showers as well.

      How much should I spend on a baby shower gift?

      There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ price tag for a baby shower gift. The amount to spend will depend on your budget and relationship to the parents-to-be. For example, the mother, father, sibling, and close friends of the expectant parents will often spend more on their baby shower gift than more distant friends, relatives, or work colleagues. However, the most important thing is that the gift is sentimental, helpful to the parents-to-be, and shows the recipients that you care.

      When do I give a baby shower gift?

      It is the custom to bring your baby shower gift with you to the baby shower itself. If for some reason you are unable to attend the baby shower, then give your gift to them as close to the event as possible. This can be done by sending the gift to the parents in the post, or by arranging to meet up with them prior to or after the baby shower.

      Who gives baby shower gifts?

      Baby shower gifts are typically given to the parents-to-be by family members, friends, and work colleagues. Occasionally, other people, such as neighbours or members of community groups they’re in, also offer baby shower gifts. However, closer friends and family members typically play the biggest role in gift-giving and organising the baby shower itself.

      At Bumbles and Boo, we are passionate about helping people to find the best baby shower gifts. If you’re still looking for the perfect baby shower present, take a look at our baby shower gift collection.

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