Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys

Our range of traditional wooden toys is perfect for little ones. From first jigsaws with large chunky pieces to stacking ring toys and musical instruments such as xylophones and shakers these early learning toys help babies and young clhildren to develop their hand eye coordination.

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Traditional Toys made from Wood

Keep little hands busy with engaging baby toys that stimulate their senses and help to develop hand eye coordination. Wooden Toys are perfect to help babies to explore the  world around them and these toys are great to allow babies to start to manipulate objects while being durable and hardwearing in case they get dropped or thrown accross the room!

Stacking Toys

Baby will learn to sort the shapes into size order and use fine motor skills to get them in just the right position to stack the rings on a centre pole. With a cute animal topper these toys are adorable.


With large chunky pieces jigsaws for babies are fun to do and help babies learn hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and how to solve (early maths) puzzles plus giving a sense of achievement when they are done.

Musical Instraments for babies

These durable musical instraments are perfect to bang, rattle or shake. Our percussion instraments include pairs of maracas or shakers, sleigh hand bells or a wooden xylophone with notes that can be played to make a tune (with parents help).

Wooden Pull Along Toys

For older babies who are starting to cruise or toddlers who are walking our pull along toys are a fun addition to the toy box.