Baby Sensory Toys

baby sensory toys with a baby holding a taggie giraffe sensory soft toy

Browse our sensory baby toys for lots of colourful, tactile toys, perfect to help stimulate baby's senses and aid development.

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Sensory Toys for Babies

Babies learn about the environment through all of their five senses, developing an understanding of the world and their role within it. Learning within these early years is an important foundation for further growth and development. A baby learns best by actively engaging with their environment by exploring and experimenting with objects, materials, different textures and baby toys.

Our baby sensory toys help little minds develop and our interactive toys provide plenty of ways for your baby to play and learn. Browse our sensory puppets, activity toys, comforters, sensory shakers and rattles and lots of wonderful baby toys to crinkle and shake, feel and taste!

Taggie Blankets & Toys

Provide your little one with the soothing comfort of our Taggie Blankets & Toys. Each blanket comes adorned with colourful, interactive tags that babies love to explore. The soft fabric makes it the perfect snuggle companion, while the engaging tags help improve fine motor skills and calm restless hands.

Our collection also includes a variety of playful taggie toys that keep your baby entertained and learning. Durable and machine washable, these soft toys withstand the adventure of childhood, making them a lasting addition to your child's playtime routine.