Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

Our cute cuddly teddy bears are sure to be some of your baby's best friends for years to come. Perfect for hugs, tea parties and sharing secrets as well as essential for teddy bears picnics!

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Soft Teddy Bears

Our cute and cuddly teddy bears hold a special place in the hearts of children and are destined to become some of their dearest friends throughout the years. These adorable companions are not just soft toys; they are treasured confidants, perfect for every precious moment in a child's life.

Teddy Bears Make The Best Companions

From the earliest days of infancy, our teddy bears offer comfort and companionship, providing a soft and reassuring presence in the crib. As your baby grows, they become the perfect partners for fun and adventures, offering endless opportunities for imaginative play. In the world of a child, our teddy bears become honorary guests at countless tea parties, sharing in the delight of make-believe conversations while sipping invisible tea.

And let's not forget the essential role our teddy bears play in teddy bears picnics! These delightful gatherings of stuffed animal friends are a source of boundless joy and adventure. The teddy bears come to life in the imagination of children, embarking on whimsical journeys, sharing stories, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our Wide Selection of Teddy Bears

With a delightful selection featuring timeless classics from Steiff playful designs by Mary Meyer, and a variety of other beloved brands, our teddy bears come in an array of charming colours, including classic brown, rich dark hues, soft cream, and delightful blue.

We take pride in offering not just a soft baby toy but a lifelong friend, ready to join in the love, laughter, and cherished moments of childhood. Teddy bears at Bumbles & Boo are a testament to the enduring magic of soft, cuddly companionship, and we're honoured to be a part of your child's journey.

Frequently Asked Questions for Teddy Bears

Yes, teddy bears can be comforting companions, especially for children. They provide a sense of security and can help kids feel more relaxed at bedtime. Cuddling a soft, warm teddy bear can also be soothing and can help children of any age to fall asleep more easily.

A teddy bear can last for many years when taken care of properly. It's common for teddy bears to become cherished keepsakes that can be handed down through generations. To ensure longevity, we recommend following the care instructions that come with the teddy bears, which often include gentle washing and safe storage.

Your child's teddy bear can collect dust and germs, so it's good to clean it regularly. For a teddy bear that's loved daily, we suggest a gentle clean every month. If the teddy bear is just for display or is used less often, then cleaning it every three to six months should be fine. Always check the care label for specific cleaning instructions to keep the teddy looking its best.