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8 of the Best Christening Gift Ideas for 2024

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Christenings are cherished occasions for new parents as they celebrate the arrival of an adorable new member into their family. So if you’ve been invited to a Christening, it’s key to find the right Christening gifts that show your love and appropriately mark this important event in their lives. However, finding the best Christening gift ideas can sometimes be a little challenging for family members and close friends alike - especially if you’re unsure about what’s appropriate to gift your loved ones at Christenings.

Our team here at Bumbles and Boo are parents ourselves - and over the years we’ve sent and received many Christening presents! In our experience, some of the most appreciated Christening gifts are those that show appropriate sentimentality for occasion, honour tradition, and offer an element of practical use for the new family. When it comes to selecting the best Christening gift for your loved ones, presents such as cashmere clothing, luxury purpose-made Christening gift hampers, cuddly toys, money boxes and photo frames can all be great options!

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Christening gifts and provide inspiration with our ideas for excellent Christening gifts in 2024 and beyond.

Who buys the Christening gifts?

Most people who receive an invitation to a baby's Christening hold a significant role in the family - such as Godparents, grandparents, siblings, best friends, and other family members. Although not always expected, it is not uncommon for other friends and colleagues to get the new parents a Christening gift too. These gifts show love, and appreciation for the new baby and their family.

How much should I spend on Christening gifts?

There's no fixed amount for a christening gift - it depends on your budget and the relationship you have with the family. Godparents and close family members often consider gifts around £50 (and sometimes much more) - while other friends and relatives may choose something in the ballpark of £20 or more. However, there is no set rule around the amount you should spend, and ultimately, this will depend on your budget, the depth of the relationship you have with the family, and how much you want to spoil them!

Who are Christening gifts for?

Christening gifts primarily focus on the baby or child, although they can also be thoughtful and useful for new parents as well. Christening gifts are usually special items and can include keepsakes, luxury baby clothing, money boxes, cash gifts, or even practical tools to aid in the journey of raising a little one.

What are the best Christening gifts?

While silver gifts have traditionally been associated with Christenings, there's a wide array of choices that blend sentimentality with functionality. From bespoke hampers to cashmere clothing, here are eight of our best christening gift ideas.

 1. Luxury Christening Gift Hampers

Tailormade christening gift hampers are an excellent choice and our range of Christening hampers are packed full of premium gifts that align perfectly with the occasion. At Bumbles and Boo, our specially-crafted Christening gift hampers include sentimental and practical items such as cashmere clothing, soft toys, keepsakes, and money boxes - making them an ideal choice for a memorable christening present.

2. Premium Money Boxes

Gifting premium money boxes has long been a cherished tradition for Christenings. At Bumbles and Boo, our piggy bank Christening presents collection features silver-plated and wooden money boxes in unique designs, like Noah's Ark, trains, rocking horse, silver star or a Football, providing a touch of luxury and practicality for the baby's future savings.

3. Cashmere Clothing

For a touch of elegance and warmth, cashmere clothing is a fab option for a Christening gift. From adorable hats to little mittens, our Christening gift selection at Bumbles and Boo offers a range of choices in baby blue and baby pink, ensuring the family’s little one stays both stylish and snug.

4. Baby Toys

Premium baby toys add a playful and memorable touch to Christening gifts. Our collection includes special teddy bears, cuddly toys, and even a silver-plated rattle keepsake, ensuring the baby's playtime is extra special.

5. Photo Frames

Capture the essence of the Christening day with a sentimental photo frame. Our range includes luxury wooden and silver-effect frames, providing the new parents with a timeless keepsake to cherish for years to come. There are also options for frames that display multiple photographs.

6. Cashmere Blankets & Shawls

A cashmere 'blessing' blanket or shawl is not just a symbolic gesture - it’s also a practical and cosy gift for both the christening day and beyond. Explore our Christening gift collection to see the latest cashmere baby blankets in various colours.

7. Grooming Sets

Adorable and practical, grooming sets for babies can make fantastic Christening gifts. They serve as a thoughtful present for the baby while assisting new parents in keeping their little one well-groomed.

8. Christening Keepsakes

Christening keepsakes hold sentimental value, allowing families to treasure the moment of their baby's christening. Our collection features sentimental gift options, such as silver-plated tooth boxes and birth certificate holders - creating lasting memories for both parents and the little one.

Still seeking inspiration? Explore our collection of premium Christening gifts, where you're sure to find the perfect option for your loved ones.

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