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Baby Books

Capture young minds with our enchanting range of baby books. Discover the best books for newborns and books for babies of all ages filled with colourful stories, friendly animals, and beloved characters.

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About Our Baby Books

Explore the joy of reading together with your child with our collection of board books and rhyming stories. Discover unique baby books for newborns and colourful and engaging books ideal for babies of all ages.

Find Your Baby’s First Book

Discover your baby’s first book with Bumbles and Boo. A baby's first books hold a special place in their early development and are key in helping to foster a love for reading and learning from the very beginning. These books play a crucial role in stimulating their senses, developing language skills, and nurturing their imagination as they explore colourful pages and engaging stories. Newborn baby books also help create bonding moments between parents and their little ones, fostering a strong emotional connection and a love for storytelling from a young age.

Our Baby Books

From books on characters like Peter Rabbit and other beloved classics to modern baby books with friendly animals that will bring storytime to life and take your little one on a colourful new adventure. The best baby books are designed to stimulate curiosity while also being entertaining and fun! Whether it's bedtime stories or playtime adventures, our baby books are the perfect companions for creating special moments with your little one. Dive into a world of imagination and watch as your child's love for reading grows.

Early Learning Books

Here you’ll also find early learning books which are perfect for curious little minds. Early learning books are essential for a child's development, offering colourful illustrations and interactive elements that spark curiosity. They introduce basic concepts like shapes and colours, promoting language skills and a love for reading. They also offer hands-on exploration, fine motor skill development, and critical thinking, fostering a lifelong appreciation for learning and curiosity.

Some of our baby books are also availbale with a matching soft toy.

Frequently Asked Baby Books Questions

The best baby books for your little one will depend largely on their age and stage of development. For very young babies, black and white patterned books are great as they show interesting contrast before they are able to properly see in colour. Once baby is old enough to hold the book themselves board books that offer vibrant colours, simple shapes, and engaging textures to stimulate the senses are often brilliant. For reading out loud eg for bedtime stories for slightly older babies, timeless classics such as Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" are ideal for captivating young minds with enchanting tales and charming illustrations.

At the age of one, babies are beginning to explore the world around them with curiosity and wonder. When selecting early learning books for 1-year-olds, focus on options that are colourful, interactive, and tailored to their developmental stage. Books with sturdy pages and large, bright images are perfect for capturing their attention and fostering a love for reading. Look for titles that introduce simple concepts such as bright colours, shapes, and animals, encouraging early learning through play.

Two-year-olds are at a delightful age of exploration and discovery, eager to absorb new information and engage with the world around them. When choosing early learning books for this age group, look for titles that encourage their curiosity and imagination. Books with bold illustrations, vibrant colours, and simple stories are ideal for keeping their attention and fostering a love for reading. Consider interactive books with flaps to lift, buttons to press, or textures to feel, offering hands-on learning experiences. Introducing basic concepts such as numbers, letters, and everyday objects also helps babies at this age with developing language and cognitive skills.