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Sophie la Giraffe has been the favourite toy of babies since 1961! Her classic shape is just perfect for little fingers to grab and she is brilliant for soothing baby’s sore gums.

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Sophie La Girafe: Timeless Joy for Your Little One

Welcome to the enchanting world of Sophie La Girafe. Explore the iconic Sophie La Girafe teether, discover delightful gift sets, and add a touch of joy with the Sophie La Girafe rattle. Give your baby the best playtimes with timeless Sophie La Girafe toys.

Sophie La Girafe Magic of Teething

Sophie La Girafe teethers have become cherished friends for babies during their teething phase. Crafted from natural rubber, they provide a safe and soothing solution for sore gums. The distinctive squeak and easy-to-grip design make them a favourite among parents seeking a reliable and natural teething toy.

Sophie La Girafe Gift Set

Consider a Sophie La Girafe gift set, a perfect all in one gift for welcoming a newborn. These sets often include the iconic teether, along with additional Sophie-themed items like soft toys, blankets, and adorable baby accessories. It's a thoughtful present that combines practicality with the charm of this beloved giraffe.

Joyful Playtime with Sophie La Girafe Rattle

Enhance playtime with a Sophie La Girafe rattle, adding an extra layer of joy to your baby's exploration. This playful rattle features the giraffe design, providing auditory stimulation and physical engagement for curious little hands.

Eco-Friendly Wonder - Sophie La Girafe So 'Pure Totem

Explore the Sophie La Girafe So 'Pure Totem, a natural and eco-friendly extension of the Sophie collection. This totem often includes a teether and sensory toys, promoting exploration and discovery.

Sophie La Girafe has stood the test of time as a reliable and beloved companion for babies worldwide. Whether in the form of a teether, a charming gift set, a playful rattle, or the eco-friendly So 'Pure Totem, Sophie continues to provide great playtimes for the youngest members of the family.

Frequently Asked Sophie La Giraffe Questions

Sophie the Giraffe is a globally admired baby teething toy, handmade in France since 1961. Crafted from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree, it provides safe and natural teething relief. The design aids in stimulating all 5 senses, its dark spots provide visual stimulation, the squeaker stimulates the ears, it's easy to grip and handle for young hands, its smell makes it easily recognisable and as a teether, it's comforting for the baby's gums.

The value of the Sophie the Giraffe teether depends largely on personal preferences and needs. It is made of 100% natural rubber, making it safe for babies to chew on, and its versatile shape provides various gripping and chewing ends. The product also offers sensory stimulation with its bright colour and squeaky sound.

Sophie the Giraffe is typically used by babies around the age of 3 months and older. This is the age when teething symptoms often begin, and Sophie the Giraffe is designed to ease these symptoms. However, all babies are different and some may start teething at an earlier or later age.