Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes

Our soft and cosy baby clothes and layettes are perfect for the new baby in your life. These cute baby outfits look adorable and make a gorgeous yet practical present.

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Bumbles & Boo: The Perfect Collection of Baby Clothes

Find the perfect outfits for your little ones at Bumbles and Boo. Our range of baby clothes comes in various cute and stylish designs that can be easily mixed or matched to any style. Shop from our wide collection, whether you're looking for newborn essentials, soft and comfortable baby wear or something warm and cosy, you can find it here.

Our Range of Baby Wear

At Bumbles & Boo, we understand the importance of your little one's comfort. That's why we've put together a large selection of baby clothes made from breathable cotton, soft cashemere and snuggly wool that are perfect for your little one. We also have a selection of organic and recycled fabric products available.

Baby Knitwear

Choose from knitted outfits with matching tops and bottoms, perfect to keep your baby snug on a cold day. Or our adorable knitted hats, designed not only to keep your baby's head warm but also provide your baby with comfort. Whether it's a blustery day or a chilly night, these hats will keep your little one snug and cosy. Pair them with our soft-to-the-touch booties and mittens to ensure that your baby stays warm from their tiny toes to their little hands.

Baby Sleepsuits

For bedtimes, our sleepsuits are perfect for your little one. They're designed for a soft and comfortable fit, creating a safe comforting environment whilst your baby sleeps.

Baby Clothing Gift Sets

If you're on the lookout for the perfect gift, our baby clothes gift sets are the ideal choice. Layettes provide a complete look and these sets make for a practical yet adorable present that any parent would appreciate. If you want to add a few extra treats to your gift then consider one of our new baby gift sets which combine newborn clothes with other essentials in one basket.

Personalised Bath Robes

For an extra special touch, we offer personalised dressing gowns. These charming bath robes add a unique touch to your baby's attire.

Baby Clothes FAQs

Caring for your baby's clothes is simple. Separate out any whites from colours, use a non-bio detergent and follow care labels for temperature and settings on the garment. If you still need to get rid of stains after washing, hang the clothes out to dry in the sun as direct sunlight works to break down organic stains. This sunlight tip works best if you haven’t used fabric softener.

We recommend washing baby clothes with a mild, fragrance-free detergent designed for little ones. This keeps the clothes gentle on your baby's delicate skin, just like our products.

When undressing the baby after a poonami the envelope neck is a lifesaver. Simply make the neck wider and slide the bodysuit down rather than up to save any mess getting on the baby's hair and face. 

The quantity of baby clothes varies, but you'll want around 7-10 of each item to keep your little one cosy and clean.

When it's time for bed, ensure your baby is comfortable and safe. Dress them in light, breathable sleepwear suitable for the room's temperature. We recommend cellular blankets or a baby sleeping bag for a cosy night's sleep.