How to become a gifting guru!

How to become a Gifting Guru! We share our top tips for choosing the perfect gift for new parents and babies

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It’s a fact: giving gifts make you feel happy! And welcoming a new baby into the world is arguably one of the happiest (and in our opinion BEST) gift giving times.

Of course, we all want our gift to be ‘the best’ and the one that really has the ‘Wow’ factor. To meet this standard, your present needs to be original, personal, practical and luxurious. So, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

To help you on your quest to become a ‘Gifting Guru’ and to make sure your hard-earned cash is well-spent on a gift that really hits the mark, we’re going to share some of our gift choosing tips and tricks!   


Tip 1. Make it personal

Choosing that winning gift takes skill: so first and foremost, take a few moments to consider your recipients likes and dislikes. A thoughtful, well-received gift involves considering the new mum (or dad’s) needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Ahead of the birth, pay attention to any hints or mentions of things they might need or want and think about their daily routine, hobbies, and personal choices.

Ask yourself questions such as, would they like a practical useful gift for baby? Do they want to shout their new baby’s name from the rooftops? Do they have everything for baby but could do with a personal 'pick me up'?


Tip 2. Be practical

A useful and helpful gift is often appreciated, especially for first time parents. To keep your gifts from becoming a lost treasure, choose something that will make their life easier or more enjoyable, perhaps even problem solving? As a starting point, jot down your mum friends', and their little one’s favourite things – favourite colours, flavours, fragrances, styles and brands - so you always have a go-to list of ideas to refer back to.


Tip 3. Be indulgent

If you’re buying for parents who ‘already have all the practical essentials’ and if budget allows, why not opt for something that you know they’d love to have, but would perhaps be too ‘indulgent’ to treat themselves. Think ‘expensive’ skincare, a post-pregnancy pamper session, jewellery or a bottle of fizz!


Tip 4: Go large!

Babies grow at lightning speed and before you know it, those adorable tiny outfits you bought for your friends' little ones are already too snug! But clothes make for the perfect versatile gift that never goes out of style. Everyone loves a cute and practical wardrobe upgrade. Our top tip for gifting baby clothes is simple, always size up! This way, your thoughtful gifts will be cherished, worn and loved for much longer.


Tip 5. Making memories

Keep in mind that ‘memories last a lifetime’. This can be an important and impactful consideration when choosing a gift. Keepsakes such as money boxes, photo frames, bracelets & necklaces are popular choices. However, why not consider creating a DIY gift? Giving a gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Compile your own photo book for them to look back on for many years to come, or create a custom piece of art – if you have children yourself, this is a great way of getting them involved too! Another idea would be to write a poem, letter or short story. Often a gift of this nature can be more personally valuable than expensive ‘off the shelf’ options.


Tip 6. Perfectly presented

Ensuring thoughtful and special presentation of a gift provides that added little ‘extra’ luxury and demonstrates additional value and thought. But even more importantly, gifting is a way of showing loved ones that you care, so a beautifully presented gift will really make them feel special! After all, there’s no better feeling than watching someone important to you enjoy a gift that you gave them. Where possible, a handwritten or personal note can add a special touch and opportunity for you convey your thoughts too.

Now you are armed with all the right tools to select a gift that is thoughtful, meaningful and well-received gift.


Congratulations on your new 'Gift Guru' status!

You are now ready to take the next step and browse our extensive selection of hand-picked hampers and gifts. And if you want to select your products, you can opt to design your own! All you need to do is choose your hamper (don’t worry about the size), select your favourite items from anywhere across the store, and leave us to do the rest.

Our 'Design Your Own' range comes beautifully arranged within the hamper of your choice and the price includes all the flowers, ribbons and styling we would normally use.

Depending on the design of your hamper and the items chosen, we will pick the most suitable size for best display and delivery. Should we require two baskets, you will still only be charged once. If you are sending direct to the recipient, please remember to add gift wrap to your order.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

For the sentimental mum: Bumbles&Boo Mummy and me photo frame 

Baby photo frame in shabby chic white 'Welcome To The World' writing and space for 9cm x 9cm newborn picture.

For the mum that loves personal pampering:  Neals Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Trio

bee lovely nourishing trio neals yard

For food loving parents (who need a night off !): Cook Gift Voucher 

COOK Gift Vouchers for new parents.

And, not forgetting baby...

Baby Girl Rainbow Clothing Set

Baby Girl Clothing Set 'Rainbow'

Baby Boy Balloons Clothing Set

Blue Baby Clothing Set 'Balloons'

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