The 10 Best Baby Shower Games To Get The Party Going!

The 10 Best Baby Shower Games To Get The Party Going!

Posted by Emma Wardle on

Baby showers are special occasions to celebrate the joy of a new arrival! We’ve scoured the Internet far and wide, so you don’t have to – to bring you our round up of (in our opinion) the top ten best baby shower games you can play to level up your baby shower!

From our take on classic favourites, to new twists that will have everyone giggling, we've grouped the best games in one place, perfect for everyone from grandchildren to grandparents! Whether you're getting stuck into some nightmare nappies, testing your memory with our Bumbles & Boo memory game or, getting competitive with some baby shower bingo, there's something here for everyone to enjoy. So, gather your guests, crank up your competitive side, and let the good times begin as we dive into the best baby shower games!

1. A Twist on Tradition – Baby Shower Bingo!

Baby shower bingo game gardcard

Grab your friends and your pens and let the baby bingo battle begin! It’s a fantastic family favourite, that’s fun for all ages, so everyone can get stuck in! Instead of numbers, these bingo cards are packed with all things baby, adding a delightful twist to the classic game we all know and love.

Equipment: Baby shower bingo cards with baby gifts instead of numbers, bingo dabber pens (if you know, you know!) or marker pens.

How to play: Guests to cross of items as the mum-to-be opens her gifts, the first guest to cross off a line shouts BINGO! – Super simple, but super fun!


2. Sweet Surprise! – Guess the number of sweets in the baby bottle

Baby bottle, filled with multi-coloured sweets

Got guests with a sweet tooth? Then this game is perfect for you! Whether you're a candy connoisseur or a guessing game guru, this game adds a dash of sweetness and friendly competition to any baby shower celebration. Plus, if you guess it right, you score a free bottle of sweets to take home. It’s a win-win from us!

Equipment: A baby bottle, sweets of your choice, piece of paper/score card to write down everyone’s guesses (and don’t forget to count the sweets so you have the total to hand too!)

How to play: Leave the bottle of sweets out on the side and make sure each guest goes up and has a guess on how many sweets are in the bottle. The closest guess wins!


3. Don’t be a dummy! - Pin the soother on the baby

Another take on an old but gold, family favourite. Watch your guests spin and stumble as they strive to pin the dummy on the baby. However, with the added twist of being dizzy and disorientated, who knows where that dummy might end up!

Equipment: Cartoon image of baby, a paper/cardboard dummy – or a real one if you have it,  blue tack/pin, a blindfold. Or take a look at our pin the dummy on the baby kit with stickers instead of pins.

How to play: Stick the cut out of the baby to the wall and use blue tack or a fastened pin to the back of the paper or real dummy. Spin your guests around 5-10 times and make them walk towards the baby. Whoever sticks the dummy closest to the mouth wins!


4. Guess the guest! – Who’s that baby?

Take a trip down memory lane with this classic, nostalgic baby shower game that’s bound to get everyone giggling. Grab those baby photos and get ready to play detective as we guess who's who. It's a hilarious trip through the ages that'll have everyone guessing, reminiscing, and sharing stories that'll warm your heart.

Equipment: Baby photos that guests bring in (with the person’s name written on the back), a table/board to lay the pictures on, name tags (only if the guests don’t know each other well), pen, paper.

How to play: Lay the pictures out on the table and number them, give each guest a piece of paper and have them write down the name of the guest that they think corresponds to the number. Whoever gets the most right, wins!


5. Baby’s Big Debut! – Guess the arrival date!

Easel, including the days of the month

Even if you know the predicted ‘due’ dates, babies are rarely bang on time! Whether you want to take a wild guess, or carefully calculate your estimation, this game is all about the joy of celebrating the impending arrival of the newest family member. So, grab your crystal balls, channel your inner fortune teller, and let the guessing games begin!

Equipment: A calendar (printable or make your own) for guests to mark their guesses, pens.

How to play: Throughout the duration of the baby shower, have your guests go up to the board and write down their guesses for when they think the new little one will arrive! Want to make it a bit more exciting? Get everyone to throw in a £1 and the nearest winner to the actual arrival date wins the pot! Another reason to celebrate, when baby arrives!


6.Sippy Showdown! – Baby Bottle Chug Challenge!

Ready, set, SIP! Race against your friends in the baby bottle chug challenge, the laugh-out-loud, alcohol-free drinking game that brings out your inner infant. Watch as grown adults guzzle away like hungry babies in this simple yet fiercely competitive showdown. Fill those bottles with milk, juice, or any wild beverage you choose, and cheer on your friends as they race to claim the title of ultimate chugging champion!

Equipment: 5-10 baby bottles, plus drinks to fill them up with.

How to play: Fill each baby bottle with your chosen liquid and hand one to each guest, stand each guest in a line and count them down to start chugging! The first guest to empty the bottle wins! Who’s on burping duty?


7. Mystery messes! - Guess that mess!

game card to guess the mess with lines to include written answers

Don’t let the look of these nightmare nappies deceive you and let your bravest guests get stuck into this sweet yet silly game! Filled with everything from yummy chocolates, marmite, pesto, curry paste and peanut butter – party guests need to put their supersonic senses to the test and guess what’s in the nasty nappy!

Equipment: Five nappies, five different chocolate bars / other condiments of your choice, 5 bowls and spoons, microwave and pen and paper.

How to play: Number each nappy from 1-5 and correspond a ‘poo’ to each number, spread across each numbered nappy with a spoon for that realistic soiled nappy ‘look’. Have your guests smell and taste (if they dare) and write down what’s the main ingredient in each dirty diaper!


8. Baby food face off! – Baby Food Taste Test Challenge

If eating from a messy-looking nappy isn't your style, then don't worry, you can still have a blast with a different hilarious tasting challenge at your baby shower! Throw a baby food face-off, with flavours ranging from delicious to disgusting, and watch your loved ones test their tasting skills. With crazy concoctions like fish pie or pulled pork, to fruity favourites like apple and strawberry, the flavours might be wild, but at least their looks won’t deceive you!

Equipment: 5-10 different baby food flavours, 5-10 spoons and bowls, a blindfold, pen and paper for guests to write down their guesses.

How to play: Number the baby foods and write down the numbers on the paper for the guests, blindfold each guest that’s participating and spoon feed them the baby food. Have them write down their guesses and the person who gets the most right, wins!

9. Double Whammy Gift AND Game – Bumbles & Boo Hamper Memory Game!

large baby hamper with panda bear, baby bath robe, clothing set and peter rabbit baby blocks.

Spice up your baby shower with a delightful twist using a beautiful Bumbles & Boo baby gift hamper for a memory game. This 2-in-1 gift and game combination is perfect for those who want to wow the mum-to-be with a gorgeous hamper, as well as bring an easy and entertaining game for everyone to enjoy at the baby shower. Take your pick from the wide variety of stunning hampers to find the perfect gift for the mum-to-be. Plus, you can set the game's difficulty level too - the bigger the hamper, the tougher the challenge!

Equipment: A Bumbles & Boo Baby Hamper, a blanket/towel to cover the hamper with.

How to play: Set the hamper out in front of your guests, give each guest one minute to look at the hamper and try and remember as many of the items as possible. Once the minute is up, have them write down as much as they can remember. The guest who remembers the most wins a prize! (not the hamper).


9. Strike, you’re out! - Baby bottle bowling

it be a strike, a spare, or a complete miss? Whichever one it is, you will have endless fun with baby bottle bowling! Whether you're aiming for strikes or giggling over gutter balls, baby bottle bowling promises endless entertainment for guests of all ages. So, grab your “pins," take your best shot, and score some strikes at your baby shower! Turn your baby shower, into baby bowling!

Equipment: 10 baby bottles arranged like bowling pins, a ball to throw at the pins, a pen and paper to keep score.

How to play: Like any other bowling game, set the bottles up like regular bowling pins, have each guest take turns to throw the ball at the pins. Each guest has ten goes, write the score down after each bowl and whoever has the highest score at the end wins a prize.

If you are looking for a present to take to the party don't forget to checkout our baby shower gifts.

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