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Baby Milestones - what to expect as your baby grows?

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There's nothing quite as magical as watching your baby grow and develop. From that first adorable grin to those wobbly first steps, each milestone is a precious moment that fills most new parents with pride. Here at Bumbles and Boo, we know all about the excitement (and sometimes slight anxieties!) of parenthood. After all, many of our team members are parents themselves! We're here to guide you through your baby's development journey, answering your questions and providing you with all the essentials you need along the way.

Every baby develops at their own pace, but there are some general milestones you can look forward to as your little one blossoms. These milestones are special moments to cherish and little victories that showcase your baby's growing strength, coordination, and communication skills.

When does a baby first smile?

One of the most heartwarming milestones is that very first smile. It usually appears around 2 months old, though it can be earlier or later. Rather than a reflex smile, by first smile we mean it's a genuine response to your love and interaction. It's a beautiful sign that your baby recognises you and feels happy in your presence - but don’t worry if your baby first smiles a little later. Each newborn develops at their own pace!

When does a baby first laugh?

Closely following that first smile is the infectious baby giggle. This delightful sound typically arrives around 2-3 months old, and it's guaranteed to melt your heart. These early laughs are often triggered by playful interactions, funny faces, or the sound of your voice.

When does a baby first start making sounds?

Even before they can speak words, babies are constantly communicating through sounds. As early as 2 months old, you might hear cooing, gurgling, and babbling sounds. These sounds are a precursor to language development, and they'll become more complex as your baby grows. By around 6-12 months, they'll start experimenting with simple sounds like "ba-ba" or "da-da."

When does a baby first talk?

By 12 months old, many babies will also be starting to form their first words. It's an exciting moment when your little one finally utters that special word, "mama" or "dada." From here, their vocabulary will continue to blossom as they develop, and before you know it, they'll be stringing words together to form short sentences.

When does a baby first roll over?

Watching your baby develop physically is just as rewarding as witnessing their communication skills flourish. At around 4-6 months old, many babies will be able to roll over, showcasing their newfound strength and coordination. This can be a turning point for your baby, as they start to explore their surroundings with newfound curiosity.

When does a baby sit up (without support)?

Sitting up without support is another exciting milestone, typically achieved around 9 months old. This newfound skill allows your baby to interact with the world in a whole new way, reaching for toys and observing their environment from a different perspective.

When does a baby first crawl?

Crawling is a major milestone that most babies reach around 8 months old. It's a important stage in their development, as it promotes muscle strength, coordination, and problem-solving skills. Not all babies crawl with some preferring to bum shuffle and others inventing thier own unique way of getting about. Watching your baby propel themselves across the floor (however they choose to do it) is a sure sign of their growing independence and eagerness to explore. 

When does a baby take their first steps?

Taking those first steps is a monumental achievement, a moment you'll treasure forever. While some babies might take their first steps as early as 9 months, it's perfectly normal for them to wait until 12 months or even longer. Every baby develops at their own pace, and there's no need to worry if your little one isn't walking yet.

When does a baby start teething and get their first tooth?

Occasionally babies are born with some teeth, but typically teething begins around 5-7 months old, and it's a process that can cause discomfort for your baby. While some babies breeze through teething with minimal fuss, others may experience drooling, sore gums, and irritability. Here at Bumbles and Boo, we have a wide range of teethers to help alleviate teething pain and discomfort.

When does a baby’s eye colour start to change? 

Another developmental change to look out for is a change in your baby's eye colour. While many babies are born with blue or grey eyes, their true eye colour may be revealed as early as 3 months or they may have to wait until their first birthday to discover the true colour.

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