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10 of the Best Pregnancy Gift Ideas

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Discovering that someone you're close to is expecting a baby is often an occasion filled with joy, excitement and anticipation. So as your daughter, sibling, close friend or family member embarks on this magical journey of motherhood, you will naturally want to find the perfect pregnancy gift to show them your love and celebrate this important milestone with them. However, finding the best pregnancy gift ideas can be a challenge, particularly if you haven’t bought a gift for an expecting mother in your life before.

At Bumbles and Boo, being mothers ourselvers, we understand the joys and challenges of pregnancy. Guided by our own experiences and our knowledge as pregnancy gift experts, we've curated a guide of our top 10 pregnancy gift ideas for mums-to-be. Our goal is to ensure that your gift is not only practical for the mum-to-be in your life, but also sentimental and a source of comfort and joy during this life-changing journey.

10 of the Best Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Finding out that you’re expecting can be a journey filled with adventure, magical milestones and emotions. To make help make the experience even more magical for your mum-to-be, consider these ten thoughtful and practical pregnancy gift ideas:

1. Gift Hampers for Pregnant Mums

pregnancy gift basket with neal's yard products

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: A pregnancy gift hamper is a versatile pregnancy gift that combines practicality with sentimentality. Our pregnancy gift hampers are designed specifically for mums-to-be, featuring heartwarming presents such as soft cuddly toys, jewellery, baby scan frames, baby clothing, candles, sleep aids, and high-quality bathroom products. This ideal pregnancy gift ensures that the mum-to-be feels pampered and prepared for the journey ahead.

2. Pregnancy Journals

pregnancy journal - nine months

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Pregnancy is a time of reflection and anticipation. A pregnancy journal therefore makes an ideal pregnancy gift idea as it allows the mum-to-be to document her weekly musings and track the baby's development. It serves as a personal keepsake, capturing the emotions and memories of this unique journey. Our pregnancy gift collection includes a selection of pregnancy journals in gorgeous designs.

3. Countdown Pregnancy Plaques

pregnancy countdown plaque

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Stylish and functional, countdown pregnancy plaques add a touch of excitement to the pregnancy journey. They serve as both a decorative piece for the nursery and a practical tool which allows the mum-to-be to track the days until the baby's arrival, creating a sense of anticipation and joy. Our pregnancy collection includes a range of ‘countdown’ pregnancy plaques in different styles and colours.


4. Jewellery

mummy to be bracelet

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Elegant silver-plated bracelets, such as our heart-shaped and moon-shaped designs in our pregnancy gift range, add a touch of sophistication to the mum-to-be's style. These pieces not only complement any outfit but also act as a gesture that frequently reminds the mother-to-be of your love and their dreams associated with their upcoming new arrival.


5. Pregnancy Bathroom Gift Sets

neals yard pregnancy products

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Pregnancy brings about a need for relaxation and self-care. Our high-quality bathroom products in our pregnancy gift range includes Neal's Yard gifts and premium ‘smellies’ such as essential oils, moisturisers, baby balms, and shampoos, provide the mum-to-be with a spa-like experience at home - all of which helps promote well-being during their pregnancy journey.

6. Relaxing Teas

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: The joy of pregnancy can bring its fair share of stress too. A comforting cup of tea is a simple yet effective way to unwind. However, where a cup of PG Tips won’t do, our pregnancy gift collection includes luxury infused herbal teas that are ideal to help mums-to-be relax, unwind, and savour the precious moments of their pregnancy journey.

7. Scan Photo Frames

scan frame

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Baby scans are cherished moments in pregnancy, and a dedicated photo frame for their scan provides a beautiful way to display and preserve these milestones. Our pregnancy present collection includes high quality scan frames with sentimental messaging and adorable themes, making them a perfect addition to the nursery.


8. Scented Candles

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Fragrancing a room can help a pregnant mum to relax and unwind as the aroma from a luxury candle fills the space. Our collection of candles make great gifts with fragrances including mandarin, sage, lilly, bergamot, lavender and sandlewood.

9. Pregnancy Keepsakes

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Keepsakes hold sentimental value, offering the mum-to-be tangible reminders of this special time. From pregnancy countdown plaques and scan frames to bracelets, mugs, and soft toys, our pregnancy gifts offer a keepsake for every taste, allowing the mum-to-be to cherish these memories for years to come.


10. Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

non-alcoholic wine

Why it's a great pregnancy gift: Celebrating a new pregnancy is essential and celebrations shouldn't be overlooked just because the mum-to-be can’t drink alcohol while she's expecting. Ideal as a present for a new mum-to-be in our pregnancy gift range is our non-alcoholic sparkling wine. This pregnancy gift provides a perfect way for the mum-to-be to toast to this special time with friends and family, without compromising on health and safety of the upcoming arrival.

Your questions about pregnancy gifts…

What are Pregnancy Gifts?

Pregnancy gifts are thoughtful and symbolic gifts that have been specifically designed for mothers-to-be who have just discovered that they are expecting a baby. These gifts help make the unique journey of pregnancy a comforting, joyous, and supportive time for new mums-to-be.
Why are Pregnancy Gifts Important?

Pregnancy gifts are important as they mark a significant milestone in a woman's life. They express love, care, and excitement for the upcoming journey, providing emotional support during an important milestone in their lives. Thoughtful pregnancy gifts contribute to creating lasting memories and add a sense of joy to this magical period.

Who Needs to Get a Pregnancy Gift?

Friends and relatives of women who have just found out they are pregnant often give new mums-to-be in their lives with pregnancy gifts to make the occasion. Close friends and family members play an important role in supporting the mum-to-be, and a carefully chosen gift can show your warmth, love, and support during this significant time in their lives.

How Much Should I Spend on a Pregnancy Gift?

The amount spent on a pregnancy gift depends on individual budgets and relationships. The most important aspect is the thought and care put into selecting a meaningful present. Whether it's a small, sentimental item or a more elaborate gift, the value lies in the sentiment and the joy it brings to the mum-to-be.

Still looking for pregnancy gift ideas? Find the perfect pregnancy present for your mum-to-be in our luxury pregnancy gift collection, which includes gorgeous hampers and keepsakes that are sure to put a smile on the face of any mother-to-be embarking on their pregnancy journey.

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