New Mum Gifts

New mum gifts hamper basket

Choose from our delightful selection of new mum gifts to treat a special mummy after the birth of her little one. These luxury presents have been designed especially for new mothers with plenty of treats for both mum and baby.

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Gifts for New Mums

We understand the love and care of being a mum, and our range of gifts for new mums reflects that sentiment. Whether you're looking for a practical item to ease the transition into motherhood or a thoughtful new mum and baby keepsake gift to commemorate this special time, we have you covered.

Gift Sets for New Mothers

Indulge a new mum with our pampering gift sets, filled with luxury products and relaxation essentials. These care packages are filled with gifts from soothing skincare to calming candles, and delicious chocolates to non-alcoholic wine. Our carefully crafted new mother and baby gifts baskets provide well-deserved treats for mummy and a little something for the baby. Or look out for our new flower bouquets made of baby socks, mittens and booties - they are stunning!

Sentiment Jewellery Gifts for Mums

Practicality meets style with our beautiful range of sentiment bracelets. These elegant pieces are designed so they can be easily swapped between wrists, serving as a subtle reminder of the side for the next feed. Delightful and functional, they add a touch of elegance while making a new mum's life just a little bit easier.

Chocolate & Non-alcoholic Wine

Delight her taste buds with our decadent assortment of fine chocolates, perfect to satisfy her sweet cravings. Our own exclusive brand of Bumbles & Boo chocolates has been especially designed as an indulgent treat for mums. To complement the chocolates, we also have sparkling non-alcoholic wines to offer a sophisticated alternative for new mums who are avoiding alcohol.


Skincare Gifts

Indulge mum in our luxurious selection of skincare gifts, featuring renowned brands such as Neal's Yard and Love Boo. From spa sets to individual products such as mother's bath oil, these offerings are perfect for post-pregnancy pampering, providing new mums with moments of self-care and rejuvenation.

Other New Mother Gifts

Enhance your gift selection with our assortment of new mummy mugs, accompanied by the delightful relaxation of Neal's Yard tea. Or for capturing cherished memories, consider our photo frames, providing a beautiful display for a precious picture of her and her little one. Alternatively, our baby record books are a great way to preserve and treasure all those unforgettable moments, allowing new mums to create a timeless treasure trove of memories.

Our new mothers gifts are carefully selected so that they are both practical and delightful - you can be sure of bringing joy to any new mummy who receive them. Explore our postpartum gifts collection today and discover the perfect present to honour and support the incredible journey of motherhood.