Baby Rattles

Pink Flopsy bunny baby ring rattle.

Our baby rattles and shakers are the perfect toy for little ones! Featuring fun stimulating rattle noises, with easy to hold options such as ring rattles or hands free options like our wrist rattles. 

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Trusted by 70,000+ Mums Nationwide

Baby Rattle Toys from Bumbles & Boo

At Bumbles & Boo, we have a wide selection of baby rattles. Rattle toys are not just fun playthings; they are essential tools for your baby's development. We have various types of rattle toys, from cuddly Rattle Teddy Bears to eco-friendly Organic Rattles, that can make the perfect addition to your baby's playtime.

Types of Baby Rattles

Rattle Teddy Bears: Snuggly and Sweet

Our Rattle Teddy Bears are perfect for cuddles. Soft and huggable, these toys will engage your baby's senses whilst providing endless comfort.

Organic Rattles: Safety and Sustainability

For eco-conscious parents, our organic rattles are a great choice. Crafted from non-toxic, sustainable materials, it's a safe and eco-friendly option for your baby.

Knitted Rattles: Soft, Warm and Cuddly

The knitted rattles featuring soft textures that stimulate touch and offer a fun play experience for your little one.

Ring Rattles: All Round Entertainment

Our ring rattles provide engaging entertainment for your baby. The colourful design and playful sounds make it a favourite among infants. The hand sized ring shape makes it easier for baby to keep hold of the rattle while they are shaking it.

Wrist Rattles: Hands-Free Playtime

The wrist rattles are a hands-free choice, literally. It wraps around your baby's wrist (or ankle), providing a playful and interactive experience, perfect for curious minds. They won't be able to throw their toys out of the pram with this option!

Teether Rattles: Soothing for Gums

Teething babies can find comfort in our Teether Rattles. They offers both the fun of rattling and something to chew on to relieve for sore gums during teething.

Wooden Rattles: Nature's Musical Playmate

Our wooden rattles combine the excitement of a rattle with a handle made of natural wood. A delightful choice for eco-conscious parents, it stimulates young senses and aids in early development.

Explore Our Complete Baby Rattles Collection

Rattle toys engage and educate the young family members, creating joyful moments and wonderful memories. Rattles for babies are more than just toys; they help aid your baby's development. Our collection of baby rattles offer a range of attention grabbing options that will engage your baby and create a great learning experience for your baby.