Love Boo 'No More Knots' Detangling Spray

Love Boo 'No More Knots' Detangling Spray

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A gentle, leave-in conditioning detangler that helps de-frizz and remove knots and tangles. Suitable for all hair types!

Had enough of daily tantrums when combing your children’s hair? Want to detangle knots for good? Well we think this is the best hair detangler there is! Thanks to our natural, tangle free, anti-frizz formula, a quick spritz of this detangling spray helps release knots painlessly, adds shine and leaves hair glossy and easy to manage. Packed with argan oil, it’s perfect for natural hair, afro hair, toddler hair, long hair and every type of hair! Non-greasy and lightweight, it’s suitable for all the family.

  • Papaya and coconut extracts add shine and hydrates
  • Argan oil and fig help release knots and de-frizz
  • Delicious scent leaves hair smelling gorgeous all day!